A Crochet Halloween

Hello, friends! I thought I’d share how I brought some crochet magic to our Halloween festivities this year. I don’t make it a point to crochet specifically for Halloween, but for the past two years, I’ve crocheted for my child(ren)’s Halloween costume. I wouldn’t be surprised if the trend continues. 🙂

Last year, I crocheted a cow to go with my son’s farmer Halloween costume. Wasn’t he cute??


Although my son would have been more than happy to repeat his farmer costume (he loves tractors), we had a plethora of empty boxes from our move, so I opted to try for “Pinterest Mom” status and made a train costume of his favorite train.


“How is this crochet?” you ask, well let me tell you. We live in Ohio, it gets cold at the end of October in Ohio and I have ear infection-prone children. Even if cold air in the ears doesn’t really cause ear infections, I’m not taking chances. So I decided to “trainify” his current cold weather hat. I started by single crocheting into one of the top rows of the hat, then half-double crocheted for a few rows. When I needed the steam spout (is that the right term??) to be larger, I worked in the back loops for a row before working in both loops again. I think it turned out well enough and served its purpose.


My child has never been more excited about a box or a hat. It was incredibly adorable. He wore his train hat the entire day of Halloween because he was so excited. That night I dressed him in three layers of blue clothing and as he walked down our drive he kept saying, “Choo! Choo!”

He was not sure about this decoration! (not our driveway)

What about our younger son? Well since he wasn’t quite old enough to care about Halloween and wearing him sounded far easier (and warmer) than pushing him in a stroller while following a toddler in a box, I tried to think of a baby wearing-friendly costume. Together, we were a mama and a baby kangaroo. I crocheted a winter hat for him with some knit kangaroo ears. I put him in a winter bear suit for warmth and he was good to go!


I also made some ears for myself, but since I got a very late start on costumes this year, I went without my ears. I gave myself some whiskers and a nose (do kangaroos have whiskers??), but since I wasn’t the trick-or-treater I’m not sure it mattered.


I loved making my sons’ Halloween costumes and loved even more that I was able to crochet part of their costumes! I don’t think I will crochet their costumes every year, but it has been fun using yarn for the past two years.

Did you crochet anything for Halloween this year? Have you before? Do you celebrate or participate in Halloween? I’d love to hear from you!

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