Christmas Crochet Round-Up

It’s Christmas time and everyone is decking the halls with all sorts of Christmas decorations. But, sometimes those decorations are pricey! Making decorations yourself can be an easy way to save some money while still keeping your home looking Christmas-y! Grab your crochet hooks, your yarn, and a side of Christmas spirit and your home will be ready for the season in no time!

Crochet Angel

I crocheted this little angel early in December planning to use it as our Advent angel (kind of like the elf thing, but the kids find him when he hides and he has the story we read each day). Buuuttt we’re not exactly doing the angel bit this year, so I’ll just keep him around for next year. He’s currently hanging out in our Christmas tree and I think he’s quite cute.


Crochet Nativity

I think both of these crochet Nativity scenes are absolutely adorable. So adorable that I feel the need to order new yarn right now so I can whip them up! This one by Whistle and Ivy and this one by 5 Little Monsters are both so cute! I can’t decide which I like better. The 5 Little Monsters pattern even has a crochet stable! Click the blog names for their respective patterns.

St. Nicholas Boots

While St. Nicholas Day has come and gone, these boots are still a great addition to your holiday decor. If Santa is a regular character in your Christmas celebration, why not crochet a pair of his boots to leave by the tree or on the mantle? Find the pattern here.



Crochet Star

Stars are all over Christmas- in decorations, on top of trees, in twinkle-light form. After all, God did use a star to lead the wise men to Jesus. How about these adorable crochet stars by Persia Lou? Super cute and super easy to make! Find the pattern here.

Christmas Slippers

While these aren’t decor they are definitely Christmas themed. And, as a person with perpetually cold feet, slippers are always a good idea. Find the patterns here.


We don’t have any mistletoe right now and though I’ve seen it in stores I just don’t want to buy any right now. So this pattern by Helen is perfect! It’s on my list of things to Crochet. Just know, American crocheters, the pattern is not written in US terms. It is easy to adjust, just be mindful while crocheting. Find the pattern here.


Okay, okay, bears aren’t exactly Christmas-y, but bears always seem to be Christmas presents in movies. And how adorable would this little guy look as a polar bear? I think it’s worth including in the list 😉 Add a little Santa hat and you’re good to go. Find the pattern here.


There you have it, some of my top picks for some lovely Christmas-themed crochet patterns! Do you have plans to crochet some holiday decor? How long is your Christmas crochet list?

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