Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Knitters and Crocheters

Valentines Day is coming up quickly and I think it is the perfect holiday for knitters and crocheters. It’s cold and the middle of February so it is the perfect excuse to stay inside with some deliciously warm yarn! 😉 If you have a yarn artist in your life but have no idea what to get them for Valentine’s Day OR if you are a yarn artist and want to drop some hints, this is the list for you!

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Knitters and Crocheters

Happy Birthday to You, Miranda!

FurlsCrochet Hooks

I first saw these hooks on Instagram and I thought they were lovely, but I was totally skeptical. Well, I received three of their Streamline Camwood hooks for Christmas and I am hooked! (Pun totally intended)

IMG_20190122_132458459 (2)

FurlsCrochet hooks take ergonomic hooks to a new level and have really helped with wrist pain from crochet marathons! I love my Streamline hooks and am totally dreaming of one of the Odyssey hooks!

Square Knitting Needles

A few years ago I heard about square knitting needles. Rumor has it they are more comfortable to knit with and produce more even stitches. I have a pair and enjoy knitting with them, I find them comfortable and my stitches are even. You can read more about it for yourself, but this is the pair I have and enjoy.


Gorgeous Yarn

If you (or the knitter/crocheter in your life) are like me, you spend most of your time working with worsted weight yarn from the craft store. This is lovely and gets the job done. But I often dream of working with some gorgeous yarns! If you are looking for some absolutely breath-taking yarns, my friend Gina has what you are looking for. I mean just look at these beauties!

Check out her Etsy shop to see more of her beautiful yarns. While you’re there check out some of her beautiful patterns too! (Don’t have Instagram? Follow her here on Ravelry.)

Beautiful Bags

Now that you have your crochet hooks, your knitting needles, and your beautiful yarn, you need something to hold all of them! Look no further than Isa’s beautiful bags! Her zipper bags are perfect for crochet hooks, yarn needles, knitting needles, and stitch markers. And her totes are a beautiful way to bring all of your WIPs with you wherever you go!

Follow Isa on Instagram and check out her Etsy shop!

Cute Patterns

And, of course, once you have all of these great supplies you need something to knit or crochet! I just so happen to know where you can find some free amigurumi patterns and some ad-free digital crochet patterns. Knitting patterns will be coming soon!

However your Valentine’s Day goes and whether you buy some pretty yarn for the knitter or crocheter in your life, I hope you have a happy Valentine’s Day and can spend it with friends, family, and loved ones.

Happy crocheting!

FREECrochet HorsePattern

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