Giant Crochet Lap Blanket

In my last post, I shared a pattern for a giant crochet blanket. But what if you like chunky blankets but don’t have the time or the yarn for one quite so big? This post is for you! This blanket is all the chunky goodness of the original pattern but is a smaller size. This blanket is perfect for quiet mornings or chilly evenings and is a quick and satisfying project!


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For this pattern you will need:


Crochet Terms:

  • *Pattern is written in US terms
  • Ch – chain
  • Dc – double crochet


  • This pattern is super simple and very easy to customize. If you don’t like the length of the blanket, simple crochet fewer rows. You could even make the blanket wider, but be aware that making the blanket wider or longer may mean you need another skein or two.
  • When I reach the end of a skein I tie the two ends of yarn into a knot (taboo, I know but #yolo). I then weave in the ends as I go or use the smaller crochet hook to weave the ends in when I am done.



  1. Ch 45
  2. Ch 3, dc into 3rd chain from hook, turn
  3. Ch 3, dc all for 24 rows (or until blanket is desired length)
  4. Fasten off and weave in ends

That’s it! Super simple, smaller than the original, just as cozy. I finished this blanket in about 6 hours. Working on it an hour a day gets you a completed blanket in less than a week! Honestly, it may even take less time than that, my crochet time is often very interrupted.

FREECrochet HorsePattern (1)

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Happy crocheting!


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