Hello! I’m Elizabeth, the face behind EllieKayCrochet. I’m a wife, mother, crocheter, and ever-learning and growing Christ follower (read: I mess up a lot but am forgiven more than I deserve).

I learned to knit and discovered how wonderful it was to work with yarn! I picked it back up in college because #stressrelief. Knitting was always a little difficult for me because I am left-handed but learned to knit from someone who was right-handed. During my last summer of college, I learned that crochet was perfect for left-handed folks like me. Once I learned to crochet I was hooked (pun intended)!

Once I learned to crochet, I began making scarves, cowls, and headbands. I made them for myself, for friends, and for my children. I was intimidated to make anything other than the basics, but my cousin encouraged me to give amigurumi a try. When I finally took the plunge I was hooked, again! As my skills grew I began to desire more personal patterns for my crochet creations, so I began creating my own patterns. As I wrote more and more patterns I realized that I really liked and found it very fulfilling.

Family and friends encouraged me to write up my patterns. Patterns don’t do anyone any good if they are tucked away in a notebook in difficult-to-read handwriting. I decided to pair my passion for blogging with my passion for crochet, and the EllieKayCrochet blog was born!


I am so excited to share my original patterns with you and so thankful you’ve come to my little corner of the internet to crochet with me! Thanks for sticking (or stitching đŸ˜‰ around, I’m so glad you’re here!